Patagonian Channels Ferry

Puerto Montt - Puerto Natales (All year)

Day 1 (Monday): Puerto Montt

Boarding of the ship, the longest scheduled ferry journey in the world. The ship leaves Puerto Montt at 4PM navigating the interior channels formed as a result of twelve thousand year old glacial movements. Passing along the coastline of Chiloe Island we will eventually cross the Reloncavi Inlet and continue on towards the Gulf of Ancud. Farther south, we will enter Moraleda and continue along the Taitao Peninsula.

Day 2 (Tuesday): Gulf of Penas

The ship will eventually sail out to the Pacific Ocean where it will continue bordering the Taitao Peninsula and then pass through the Gulf of Penas, where the sea conditions can become a little rough.

Day 3 (Wednesday): Puerto Eden

The ship will sail through Bernardo O'Higgins National Park and continue through the Messier Channel. We will follow the English Passage to arrive to Puerto Eden on Wellington Island. The ship will also cross the Kirke or Santa Maria Channel and their respective Kirke and White Passages.

Day 4 (Thursday): Puerto Natales

At the final stretch we will enter the flatter, lower Patagonia, navigating the Gulf of Almirante Montt to arrive at Seno de Ultima Esperanza (Last Hope Sound) and Puerto Natales.


The price includes all sea transportation with all meals.


Optional tours and transportation are not included in the price. Accommodation on land, airport taxes and the international airfare to Chile are not included.

For current availability contact us at and we will send you the relevant trip dossier along with a 90 day fixed quote, terms and conditions.

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