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Chile, the longest country in the world and with the Easter Islands over 5 hours flight time in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, Private Jet Travel is an absolute must for those upscale clients whose time is limited but who would like to visit the most wonderful destinations this country has to offer. With world class wine regions in the Colchagua district, to fabulous ski resorts hugging the Andes, breath-taking Torres del Paine in the south to the wonderfully diverse Atacama Desert in the north, visit the highlights of Chile in luxury aboard your very own private jet. With VIP services throughout your trip and the very best hotels in each location, Private Jet travel in Chile is the ultimate travel option for our distinguished clientele.

If arriving in your own jet, we can also arrange all the necessary handling for you, customs and immigration clearance, landing fees, permits, flight plans, along with accommodation for your crew, fuel, security and catering.

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City Served IATA Airport Name
Antofagasta ANF Aeropuerto Internacional Andrés Sabella
Arica ARI Aeropuerto Internacional Chacalluta
Balmaceda BBA Aeródromo Balmaceda
Calama CJC Aeródromo El Loa
Concepción CCP Aeródromo Carriel Sur
Copiapó CPO Aeródromo Desierto de Atacama
Dalcahue MHC Aeródromo Mocopulli
Iquique IQQ Aeropuerto Internacional Diego Aracena
Isla de Pascua IPC Aeropuerto Internacional Mataveri
La Serena LSC Aeródromo La Florida
Osorno ZOS Aeródromo Cañal Bajo Carlos Hott Siebert
Puerto Montt PMC Aeropuerto Internacional El Tepual
Punta Arenas PUQ Aeropuerto Internacional Presidente Carlos Ibáñez del Campo
Santiago Santiago Aeropuerto Internacional Comodoro Arturo Merino Benítez
Temuco ZCO Aeropuerto Internacional La Araucania
Valdivia ZAL Aeródromo Pichoy

Chile Private Jet Heliports Map
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