Easter Islands

Santiago - Easter Islands (Rapa Nui)

Day 1: Santiago - Rapa Nui

Flight to Rapa Nui, which is also known as the Easter Islands. Reception and transfer to Iorana hotel complete with outdoor swimming pool and beautiful views of the Pacific Ocean.

Day 2: Rapa Nui tour

After breakfast, a full day's tour visiting Vaihu, where eight toppled Moai lie, Akahanga, Rano Raraku volcano, where the statues are half buried, Ahu Tongariki, where the largest Ahu (or platform) is located, Te Pito Kura (a large rock believed to have been brought from Tahiti) and Ahu Nau Nau (where the Moai are in particularly good condition). After a picnic lunch, time to enjoy the Anakena beach, the legendary landing place of Hotu Matua, the founder of Rapa Nui.

Day 3: Rapa Nui tour

Half day's excursion to Rano Kau volcano, site of ancient petroglyphs and the ceremonial temple of Iorongo, Vinapu (site of meticulous stonework found nowhere else on the islands) along with the Anakai Tangata caves. Free afternoon.

Day 4: Rapa Nui tour

Half day's excursion to Ahu Akivi, the famous seven Moais, believed to be one of the last built around 1460 and measuring 14 feet in height and weighing 12 metric tons. The caves of Ana Tepahu and Puna Pau, a quarry, from where the red hats that are worn by some of the Moai were made is also visited today. Free afternoon.

Day 5: Rapa Nui - Santiago

After breakfast, transfer to the airport for the return flight back to Santiago.

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